Who Is Darian Rye?

“Darian is everything you could expect and more.”

Jane, Sydney

“He’s casual, kind and humble, and easy to be around…I guarantee Darian is a nice surprise upon arrival.”

Jay, NSW

“He was very attentive…easy to talk to…and she felt instantly at ease with him.”

M&L, Canberra

Hey, this is Darian.

Welcome. You’re probably wondering who I am and what I can do for you.

I’m what’s known as an elite male companion. I work with women one on one, and with couples. I’m based in Canberra, Australia.

Since entering the adult industry in 2016, I’ve cultivated a high degree of aptitude and artistry in this career, the culmination of several years working with women across a vast spectrum of nationalities, backgrounds, and life stages.

I strive to distance myself from the stereotype of the narcissistic “pretty boy” male gigolo, overly concerned with his physical appearance and ego. I stay humble and try to earn my keep by simply bringing you the best I have to offer.

Many women are frustrated by the lack of suitable dating options they encounter online, so they turn to men such as myself, who specialise in making women feel sexy and safe.

An evening with me can be a luxurious treat if you are visiting Canberra and would appreciate a sharp, intuitive man to keep you company in your free time. On the other hand, if you live in Canberra, I can function as a discreet distraction from the stress of raising a family, or the grind of a high pressure career. I also travel to other cities by request, and tour from time to time.

I stay in exceptional physical condition with a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition, but I’m not a gym junkie. I’m not trying to be the incredible hulk; just healthy and fit. I also have a passion for making food that is both healthy and tasty.

I’m not a one-dimensional cartoon character pretending to be the perfect man; I’m a living, breathing human who has lived an actual life.

I’ve travelled abroad and been on epic adventures. I’ve fallen on hard times and clawed my way back to stability. I’ve turned my hand to a wide array of industries: construction, farming, hospitality, manufacturing, emergency services…

This diverse experience of life has cultivated a down to earth, socially intelligent, and emotionally healthy personality, perfectly suited to this kind of work.

You will quickly sense that you are engaging with the real deal; I walk the walk. I’m here to meet you wherever you are in life, and help you get to where you want to go. I’m knowledgeable yet open-minded on all things sexuality and relationships, so send me a message and tell me what’s on your mind.

– Darian

How it works

For ladies:

In many ways, a booking with me is just like a normal date, except you can rest in the knowledge that I won’t do anything weird or make you feel unsafe.

The first step is to get in touch with me. You can do this either through Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or email (I don’t release my phone number anymore due to issues with privacy and spam, sorry!).

Next, we will exchange messages back and forth to get better acquainted. This is the perfect time to discuss your needs, your situation, and what made you decide to seek me out. I’m very broad-minded and perceptive, so just be open and I’ll see if I can help.

We also need to decide when and where to meet. I can meet you at your home, a hotel, or other accommodation. Bookings usually take place in the evening, but I can meet you at any time, on any day, as long as we plan in advance.

The final step is actually meeting. You may start feeling quite nervous and excited at this stage; that’s totally normal. The nerves will calm down once we get acquainted.

Any effort you devote to personal presentation is never wasted; this will help you feel as confident and calm as possible, and shows me that you respect the effort I put in to look my best for you. You’re most likely to be able to relax and enjoy the experience if you know you’ve done everything you can to prepare. You have permission to pamper yourself!

At the start of the booking, we handle payment (if you haven’t already paid electronically). The transactional element is dealt with first so all that’s left to do is enjoy each other’s company.

After that, the possibilities open up; we will progress in a way that makes sense, based on all our previous interactions.

There are endless scenarios to explore. We can watch movies, order food, and snuggle. We can drink wine, swap stories and chat about life over dinner. Whatever your ideal date with me is, I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Regardless of how we fill our time, you will feel desired, respected, and safe.

For couples:

Couples book me to fulfill a fantasy or spice things up. There are many directions a couples booking can take, so message me privately to discuss your desires.

As most relationships involve some level of emotional and physical commitment, opening things up to an extra person usually requires a discussion of boundaries and expectations, so that everyone is on the same page and comes away feeling positive.

Although some couples are very experienced, most are relatively new to this type of scenario and thus still figuring out what they enjoy. Naturally, different people have different desires and preferences. The burden is very much on the couple to discuss and decide what they want to try, and work with me to make sure the experience goes off without a hitch. Strong emotions can come up for people sometimes when they try something new, so it’s important to communicate honestly with your partner about how you feel beforehand.


Short Bookings:

  • One Hour: $300
  • Two Hours: $500
  • Additional hours: $150 /hour

Luxury Bookings:

  • Overnight (12 hours): $2000
  • Whole Day (24 hours): $3000
  • Weekend Escape (2 whole days): $5000

Follow me on Instagram for bonus content and a glimpse into my world: @darianrye

Get in touch

If you think I could be the right man, send me a message to book or ask a question.

Email: darianrye@gmail.com

Instagram: @darianrye

Snapchat: @darianrye

Twitter: @darianrye

Don’t be discouraged if I don’t reply right away! I handle all enquiries myself and I’m not always standing by to respond, so please give me some time. I’ll usually get back to you within a day.

Emails sometimes go to spam by mistake, so if I don’t respond to an email, try another channel.


Following are genuine reviews from real clients, collected over the several years I’ve been in service. These can be found in their original format on Scarlet Blue.

D&S – Feb 28 2017

Availed Darian of his services for a special birthday treat for a friend of mine. She had a great time. He was gentle, charming and she needed a nap afterwards. His rates are reasonable and his performance by all accounts was first rate. Lots of brownie points for me.

Jane – Mar 27 2017

Darian is everything you could expect and more. He’s very good at conversation and caring and kind.

PN – May 7 2017

I’d had a stressful few days; and plans to have friends come over to dinner. Unfortunately they had to cancel; so I decided to see if Darian was available for a two hour outcall. He quickly & politely responded and we set a time for a few hours away. He arrived, looking clean & well-presented and we popped the bubbly before sitting down for a chat. He’s a lovely person, very easy to talk to, it was nice just talking with him. I let him know I wasn’t after sex; just companionship & intimacy which he was perfectly fine with. Wasn’t too long before we retreated to the bedroom; where he gave me an amazing whole-body massage while we continued our conversation. We spent the rest of the session on the bed with him running his hands over me (he gives the most amazing calf massage); I was feeling totally blissed out by the time he left. Ladies, whether you’re curious about hiring an escort for the first time or it’s a fortnightly activity for you, I can’t recommend Darian enough.

Jay – Jun 14 2017

Darian is one of the very few top class escorts based in Canberra, I booked him straight away due to his professional well written profile and positive reviews, he was exactly what I wanted. The perfect boyfriend experience. I was very specific with what I asked for, a few drinks, a home cooked dinner, and a snug movie on the couch. I wasn’t after sex, or a man to want to jump my bones, quite the opposite, I wanted a man who could hold down decent and intellectual conversation, rub my shoulders and genuinely enjoy my company. We had a nice healthy meal and had a laugh in the kitchen whilst working in sync to prepare our dinner together. It felt like I’d known him for much longer! Darian listens to exactly what you want and doesn’t miss a single detail. He’s NOT your stereotypical arrogant self indulged male escort. He’s casual, kind and humble and easy to be around. You may be cautious booking an escort who blurs their face but I guarantee Darian is a nice surprise upon arrival and a massive relief for those worried. He gives a decent massage too. I hope he tours my home town soon as I would definitely invest my time and money in him again and again and again…

M&L – Jun 1 2017

My wife has always had a younger man fantasy, so I arranged a surprise visit from Darian for her, while I was out for a few hours. He was very attentive and was easy to talk to on a number of subjects, and she felt instantly at ease with him. Darian fulfilled her every desire and was the perfect man to bring her younger man fantasy come to fruition.

Jackie – Nov 27 2017

It was clear from the start of our date that Darian loves and respects women. I was impressed with his ability to put me at ease so quickly and the conversation was natural, easy and intelligent. Highly recommended.

S.P. – Nov 28 2017

What a body! 100% worth booking even just to look at. This Man has Abs to die for and that’s just the start. OMG. Thank you for everything. Can’t wait for next time.

Stella – Dec 5 2017

Darian is an incredibly skilled lover. He has magic hands and an intuitive touch and some very sexy moves. Ladies, treat yourself and invest in some time with this talented gentleman.

Kelly – Jul 10 2018

Darian is so very sexy, completely attentive, and seemed to know exactly what I want. He is the perfect gentleman, both genuine and considerate. Such an amazing experience; I’ve already booked Darian again

Charlie – Jul 17 2018

Darian was the perfect present to myself after completing my recent Uni semester! Four months focused on work and Masters study left me feeling emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted and more than a bit isolated, as happens when you work full-time and study a full-time load. While I did consider calling a friend to hang out with, I felt like I needed some male companionship/some male energy without the pressure for intimacy, or feeling like it was leading into the bedroom. So I contacted Darian to request a social date, just to hang out and shoot the breeze while having coffee at home…play a board game, watch a movie, whatever the morning brought. I was a little nervous but Darian quickly put me at ease, making me a coffee and helping me relax with small chat. Sitting on the sofa, we talked about a wide range of topics, his genuine warmth and smile making me feel like I was talking with someone I had known for more than just the morning. The little gestural connections, touching my arm when making a point, the light massage on my neck when I mentioned it was stiff from assignments, it was exactly the balm I needed (and, I’m not going to lie, it helps that he is very easy on the eyes too lol) to get my equilibrium back. The whole experience felt like I was just hanging out, relaxing, with a boyfriend – it really was that comfortable. And, yes, I will be booking him for a more intimate experience as a treat to myself at the end of the next semester. If you’ve been hesitating, don’t put it off any longer. Darian is genuine, warm, good-looking, and sexy, with a lovely energy that will put you at ease very quickly.

Rachel – Nov 21 2019

To say Darian met my needs would be an understatement. He has the right mix of masculinity and tenderness for this line of work, as well as a great sense of humour. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable but also turned on enough to escape into the experience without any hesitation. I would highly recommend a 2+ hours booking as he has great banter and you will really enjoy his company. Also, he knows his way around a woman’s body and has impressive stamina! He’s a very sweet and very handsome, genuinely nice guy.

G & C – Nov 24 2020

I engaged Darian to help my partner and I realise our curiosity of what a threesome would be like. I don’t think we could have made a better choice. Darian was relaxed, polite and immediately put both of us at ease. He discussed what we wanted and any boundaries before we started. If there was a degree in how to pleasure a woman, Darian would have a PhD. This was an experience neither of us will ever forget and definitely won’t be the last.

Trish – April 29 2021

I’m pretty sure it was Jane Fonda who said, “The best way to get over one man, is to get underneath a new man!” I gotta say ladies –She is right!
Darian helped me (on so many levels) to break the intimacy spell of a 20yr relationship, now over. He was patient towards my desire for connection first, before physical intimacy; it has after all, been a long time since I’ve been with another man. He was sensitive to that, for which I am most grateful.

I may be over 55, however I still have desires – physical touch, sexual intimacy with splashes of romance are still important to me, yet for now, no strings attached.
As P!nk so delicately puts in one of her songs “I’m not a slut – I just love Love!”

Here’s the thing … I don’t want to go chasing or be chased; I don’t want a relationship for some time yet; I don’t want the swapping of phone numbers, the awkwardness if he’s not that good; someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing; small town gossip, all that stuff. Ladies, let’s not be shy in attending to our own needs with an encounter that offers sensuality in a safe, secure, controlled by you environment.

As for what I do want … Darian was certainly able to take care of. He is intuitive, attentive, intelligent, good sense of humour and playfulness; he was subtle in his intimate gestures and was patient with my nervous chatter. It didn’t take long for him to put me at ease before going into the bedroom and when his clothes came off … oo la la … me likey! me want to like again!

You’ve got to love a man who knows what he is doing and especially knows how to use his hands, his touch, his words and his eyes. I asked for multiples and he delivered, no strings attached.
Thankyou my Viking Friend xx

LC – Nov 29 2021

I decided to book my first escort experience with Darian due to the good impression I got on his profile, I didn’t know what to expect in person but I was pleasantly surprised with how well my experience went. The nerves were daunting but once we got acquainted all of that left fairly quickly. Not only was he genuine, but also super attentive to what I needed. He is a super interesting, respectful, attractive human being with a sense of humor. Not only that but his stamina was super impressive too haha! I also recommend a 2+ hour booking, I felt so happy and I couldn’t get enough of our time spent together. Hands down I’ll be booking him during my next visit.

Sarah – Dec 8 2021

Darian is a naturally handsome and sexy man. He came across reserved at first, but as I got to know him, his intelligence, sensitivity and perception became apparent.

When the clothes are removed you are treated to a lovely toned body, and a man that knows how to please a woman. Darian displays immense artistry as a lover, he is intuitive and possesses remarkable stamina. I originally booked 2 hours – that quickly became 3. I had to depart for a dinner engagement, however I organised for him to return later in the evening to continue our play time. It was bliss.

Darian is an authentic male companion, a gentleman, a deep conversationalist, and fun to be with.

Unexpectedly, spending time with Darian helped heal some of the deep wounds in my soul. I can honestly say he exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I will definitely book time with him on my next trip to Canberra!

Ms R – Dec 21 2021

I had the immense pleasure of spending time with Darian a few days ago. He is kind and caring while also being the epitome of strength and masculinity. I was blown away by how much focus he put into our time together from messages on the morning of the day to check in with how I was feeling to me being his entire focus while we were together.

Darian made me feel comfortable right from the start. I’ve gained confidence within myself despite the fact that it was a relatively short booking. Thank you Darian!