Who is Darian rye?

About Me

Hey, this is Darian. I’m what’s known as an elite male companion; my business is to provide companionship to women and couples.

Since entering the industry in 2016, I’ve cultivated an exceptional aptitude for this profession, the natural result of years working intimately with women across a broad range of nationalities, backgrounds, and life stages. Whatever you’re dealing with, I’ve almost certainly seen it before.

Many women are frustrated by the hostility and lack of suitable options on dating apps, and shun the idea of meeting a stranger in a bar, so they decide to seek the services of a reputable male companion. Someone they find desirable, who will allow them to explore their needs in a safe and curated environment.

Your time with me can be many things; a luxurious act of self care, a necessary and discreet distraction, or a brave step towards overcoming some deeply personal issue.

I’ve always distanced myself from the stereotypical male gigolo; a hackneyed caricature of masculinity, narcissistic, and preoccupied with his physical appearance. I’m a genuine human being who has lived a real and imperfect life.

I stay humble and earn my keep by simply bringing you the best I have to offer. You’ll find I’m quite intelligent and perceptive, while remaining grounded and warm.

I’m not trying to win any bodybuilding contests, but I do honor my physical body with a balanced approach to fitness, nutrition, and health.

I’ve traveled the world and had epic adventures. I’ve fallen on hard times and clawed my way back to stability. I’ve worked a vast array of jobs and seen the world from under many hats.

This diverse experience of life has cultivated a level-headed, socially intelligent, emotionally healthy personality, perfectly suited to this vocation.

You will quickly sense that you are engaging with the real deal; I walk the walk.

I’m here to meet you wherever you are in life, and help you get to where you want to go.

I’m worldly-wise and open-minded on matters of the heart and human condition, so reach out and tell me your story.

~ Darian