Frequently Asked Questions

Inevitably, people ask questions relating to my male escort service, and often the same questions come up time and again. This page answers the most common questions I receive from women and couples looking for a straight male escort.

Can we have sex?

Yes, of course we can, although we certainly don’t have to. Most of the time, when someone books me, they are after a sexual encounter, perhaps with elements of emotional connection peppered in. That’s the main reason straight male escorts exist – to give women a convenient way to have a pleasurable experience with a man who knows what he is doing. But plenty of clients have requested companionship only, particularly on their first meeting.

What is your cock like?

For those interested, my penis is 7 inches long, medium thickness, very straight, and uncircumcised. I typically take a long time to reach orgasm, which is both a blessing and a curse. The advantage is that I can last the entire duration of your booking, giving you a full experience. It also means I have spent more total time having sex in my life, and have thus had more practise than someone who gets off quickly. The disadvantage is that occasionally we may run out of time for me to get there, which doesn’t bother me, but can be frustrating for some women who like to see their partner satisfied. Rest assured, it is nothing to do with your prowess or attractiveness, it’s just the way my body works.

How do I pay?

Usually people prefer to pay in cash. I am considering setting up a cashless payment option, but most people prefer to pay cash because it is more discreet (doesn’t show up in their bank statements). The duration of the booking is agreed upon in advance of our date and then the total amount is paid at the beginning of the booking.

Why do you blur your face?

First off, it’s not because I’m unattractive!…I just prefer not to have all my friends and family knowing about my sexy alter ego. A lot of my clients have said that they were pleasantly surprised when they opened the door to see my face, and others have said that looks are of little concern so long as our personalities are compatible. I try not to go too crazy with the blurring, so you can get a hint of what I look like in person. If you aren’t happy with what you see when you meet me, I am happy to walk away and not charge you a single cent. This has never happened, and I hope it never does, but I would stand by this guarantee. I do not give out clear face shots or graphic photos of my private parts, as I cannot know where they will end up. You will just have to savour the mystery until we meet…

Why didn’t you text me back?

Sometimes people text me in the wee hours of the morning expecting to get an immediate reply. Please understand that I am a normal human man and require a certain amount of sleep to function properly. So if you do text me at 2:30am without making prior arrangements to see me at such a time, I won’t hate you forever, but it is very unlikely you will receive a response until after sunrise. I am also a self employed tradesman, in addition to my escorting endeavours, so I need a fair amount of rest and recovery. If you do need to see me at an odd time of day, just organise it in advance and I should be able to make it happen for you.

Another reason I may not text you back is if you are disrespectful or overly blunt. Being extremely brief, being pushy or arrogant, not introducing yourself, and making unreasonable demands all rub me the wrong way. This shows me we will likely not get along when we meet, so I may be inclined to not even bother with you. If you don’t show me any common decency, don’t expect me to keep responding.

Do you offer any services to men?

I am often contacted by gay men who feel the need to make extra triple sure I’m not just in denial about being homosexual or suppressing some latent bisexuality. In case I have not made it clear, no I do not offer any escorting services to men. I am a straight male escort for females only. This is not homophobia, this is simply my sexual orientation, and I can’t change it. I am repulsed by the thought of other men’s bodies, so it would be extremely unpleasant for me.

Outside of my capacity as an escort, I do not have a moral objection to homosexuality at all; I am very accepting and respectful of other people’s lifestyles and particularly all things sexual. I really need to make this clear so there are no misunderstandings. I am NOT against homosexuality. But my escort service is strictly for women, because of the simple fact that I am only attracted to the feminine.

In most cases I will respectfully decline, but if you become too pushy or can’t take no for an answer, I might start being less of a gentleman. No one likes having their time wasted.

How do you practise safe-sex?

From talking to people informally about my career as an escort, it is clear there is a common misconception that sex workers are riddled with disease. This is simply not the case, from what I have seen of my friends in the industry, and my own experiences.

First, it is illegal to offer ‘unsafe’ sexual services.

Second, most sex workers are just as worried about what their clients might have as clients are about them, so they take every precaution to reduce the likelihood of catching something, which significantly lowers the risk to clients as well. We deal with it all the time, and so are usually more cautious than the average person.

Third, we are privileged to live in a first world country with access to advanced medical care, so the prevalence of serious infectious diseases is minimal. As an example, HIV – the feared precursor to the deadly condition AIDS – exists in only 0.0013% of people in Australia, and only around 20-25% of new diagnoses are in women (see HIV Statistics in Australia).

Most other infectious diseases are either similarly uncommon, or easily treatable. So as long as you always use protection and get tested regularly, it is unlikely you will contract anything.

I like to go to my GP for a checkup every month to make sure I am not carrying any unwanted visitors in my body, and I employ safe sex practises with all clients. I am also immune to everything it is possible to be vaccinated against, from my time in the fire & rescue service, because blood contact with car crash victims is a common hazard in that line of work.

Can I call you?

It is best to send me a text or email as your first contact with me. There are two reasons why I prefer texts over phone calls:

  1. I am usually busy or with people and can’t answer the phone. Not everyone in my daily life knows I am an escort, so I can’t have conversations about it in front of them. I also work a lot as a carpenter, so I’m usually busy during the day, with a lot of construction noises going on in the background. So it’s just inconvenient to answer the phone.
  2. When I make an exception by answering an unknown caller, it usually doesn’t go well for me. Believe it or not, most people I’ve answered the phone for either have trouble understanding or speaking English, get nervous and hang up, don’t even try to talk and just breathe into the phone, or they are hard to hear because they are whispering. Such a strange phenomenon!

This is why I prefer you to text me; it allows those people the time to gather their thoughts into clear and concise sentences. I understand that calling an escort for the first time can be daunting, so make it easier on both of us by sending a simple text instead. Just say hi and introduce yourself! We can take it from there.

If you then want to speak to me on the phone before deciding whether to book, we can schedule a time when we are both ready to talk. Easy!


Hopefully this covers the majority of concerns and queries people may have… If you have any other questions about my services, you are very welcome to ask.


– Darian