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So…what happens when we meet?

For women:

It might help to think of me as a “boyfriend for hire”.

You can either describe your ideal date to me over messages, or release yourself to chance and let my intuition lead things forward, moment by moment.

Either way, you remain in ultimate control of what happens. I will take the lead if I sense the moment is right, but you can stop anything at any time.

You can ask about any type of fetish or kink. I’m super open minded and understanding. There isn’t much I haven’t done, and even less I haven’t heard of. If I haven’t heard of it, I’m probably still open to it, so take advantage of the relative anonymity by exploring things you’ve always wanted to try.

We can talk about the deepest of topics, or just joke around like teenagers. I can serve as a valuable friend, with lifetimes of experience in certain aspects of human existence (sexuality, emotional health, self development). It can’t hurt to chat about these things with me, and I love learning about people’s experiences, beliefs, and values.

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Let go of anxiety and let someone else take the reins for a while…

There are endless scenarios to explore. We can watch movies, order takeout, and snuggle close together in the warmth. We can drink wine, swap stories and chat about life over dinner. I can liven up your routine chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.) with some cheeky banter and masculine presence. I can be a luxurious birthday gift when some attention from a spunky guy is just what the doctor orderedIt’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure, where the options are unlimited…

Regardless of how we fill our time, you will feel desired, respected, and safe.


For Couples:

It’s usually a little different for couples.

Because most relationships involve a level of emotional and physical fidelity, bringing in an extra person usually requires a discussion of boundaries and expectations, so that everyone comes away feeling positive about the experience.

Naturally, different people have different desires and preferences. It’s very much on the couple to discuss and decide their boundaries, what they feel comfortable doing, what will excite them, and what would be going too far.

Inviting an extra person along is often a fairly new experience for couples I see, so it’s still a bit experiemental. They may not know how they’re going to respond. Many men struggle to perform in group activities, because the experience is so different from what their brain has learned to associate with sex, and there may be some anxiety or other emotions blocking their natural arousal response. This is normal, and not something to be embarassed about. It just might take time to get used to it and wire up the neural pathways to associate this new situation with arousal.

Often, one person is a little more keen than the other, and that’s ok, as long as both people do want to go ahead.

I’m completely straight, so I don’t perform any erotic services on men, but I like to team up with a woman’s partner for her enjoyment.

A couples booking may have elements of dominance/submission, voyeurism/exhibitionism, or just be a straight threesome where both men focus on pleasing the woman. It’s up to the two of you to decide how you want to play it.


  • One Hour: $400
  • Two Hours: $600
  • Additional hours: $150 /hour
  • Ten hours, overnight: $1500 (some sleep as required)
  • Whole day (24 hours): $3000 (some sleep as required)
  • Weekend Escape (2 whole days): $5000 (some sleep as required)

How it works:

The duration of our encounter should be agreed upon prior to the booking, and the full amount paid at the beginning. This way, the transactional, business element is handled, and we can shift our full attention to being in the moment with each other.

If possible, it is best to make plans with me at least a few days in advance. For practical reasons, I can’t be available 24/7 at a moment’s notice.

During a session, I do not set disruptive alarms or compulsively watch the clock.

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