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While I am with you, you are the centre of my attention. Think of me as a “boyfriend for hire”. Your experience is 100% tailored to your needs; you’re welcome to tell me how I can best serve you, or release yourself from all responsibility and let my finely tuned intuition guide our interaction forward. Either way, you can stop me at any moment if you start to have second thoughts, and your privacy is absolutely assured. You’re in very safe and capable hands.

Because my orientation is straight, I do not perform any erotic services for men. When a couple books my male escorting services, all attention is given to the woman of the relationship – everything is focused on her pleasure. Teaming up with a woman’s partner to heighten her enjoyment is totally fine with me.

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Let go of your anxiety and let Darian take the reins for a while…

There are endless possible scenarios to explore during our time:

We can watch movies, order takeout, and snuggle close together in the warmth. We can drink wine, swap stories and chat about life over a romantic dinner. I can liven up your routine chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.) with some naughty banter and masculine energy. I can stop by your office during your lunch break and give your coworkers something to gossip about. I can even be a luxurious birthday gift for yourself or someone special when some attention from a spunky guy is the order of the day. You really can choose your own adventure.

Regardless of how we fill our time together, you will feel desirable, comfortable, and safe.


  • One Hour: $400
  • Two Hours: $600
  • 3rd Hour and After: $150/hour
  • Ten hours, overnight stay: $1500 (including some sleep as required)
  • Whole day together (24 hours): $3000 (including some sleep as required)
  • Weekend Escape (2 whole days): $5000 (including some sleep as required)

How it works:

It is best to give as much notice as possible so that I can keep your appointment free. If you contact me the day before your desired booking, I can usually accommodate it, but not always. I may occasionally be able to make it if you try to book on the day, but don’t count on it. I do other things besides escorting (such as sleeping and doing my carpentry work!) so I can’t be on call 24/7.

The duration of our encounter must be agreed upon prior to the booking, and the full amount must be paid at the beginning of the booking. This way, the transactional, business element is handled, and we can shift our full attention to being in the moment with each other.

During a session, I do not set disruptive alarms or compulsively watch the clock, and I try to ensure you get the maximum value I can provide.

Because I do not service men in any capacity, my rate is the same for couples as for solo women.

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